Curly coated cow, 2019
Baby Owl, 2019
Hare, 2019

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Interested in a personal and one of a kind artwork. Wildlife and pet portrait commissions are available now, just send me a message for a quote! 

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I consider myself a nature and wildlife fine artist, who likes to add a textile flare to my works of art. Especially when it comes to my needle felting, as it allows me to use the materiality of the merino wool to create more life like pieces of art. Although my other works include free hand machine embroidery and pen drawing. Being surrounded by nature has highly influenced my recent work, and I finally feel like I've found myself as an artist. Growing up in the countryside animals have always been close to my heart, and have recently found a new place in my art practice. Everyday is different, with new inspiration always around the corner. What ever the weather it is fair to say that I'm never stuck for inspiration!